TECHNONICOL corporation - is a leading international manufacturer of reliable and efficient building materials and systems. The company offers the latest technologies that combine the developments of its own Research Centers and advanced world experience.

The Corporation includes two large subdivisions independently managed by each of the owners: “TECHNONICOL Production Company” is headed by Sergey Kolesnikov, and “TechnoNIKOL Trading Systems Trading Company” is headed by Igor Rybakov.

“TECHNONICOL Production company”, which is headed by Sergey Kolesnikov, consists of 53 production sites in 7 countries of the world (Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, Germany), 22 representative offices in 18 countries of the world, 18 Training centers, 6 Research centers equipped with high-tech equipment and qualified personnel. The centers regularly develop and introduce new products and solutions for the construction industry. The company's products are supplied to 95 countries. “TECHNONICOL” headquarters are located in Russia, Poland, Italy, China and India. The revenue of the “TECHNONICOL Production” complex in 2017 amounted to 79.17 billion rubles.

“TECHNONICOL Trading Systems” under the leadership of Igor Rybakov specializes on the sale of the Corporation's products, as well as other building materials and tools for industrial, civil and private housing construction in more than 100 sales offices in Russia and the CIS. .

Company’s Advantages
A complex approach
Best logistics
Worldwide quality
Training centers
Scientific centers
Plants on the territory of Russia and Europe

Implementation of High production standards and installation of the most modern equipment in Europe: Boato International (Italy), Eurovek (Slovenia), Selen (Denmark), Bernstorff (Germany).

Each “TECHNONICOL” plant has unique production laboratories, where the quality of input raw materials, inter-operational control and control of finished products is measured.

Company’s Advantages
All “TECHNONICOL” plants are certified with Quality system ISO 9001
Bitumen-polymer materials production plants are certified for compliance with European standards (CE)
“TECHNONICOL” company is a member of international and Russian associations :
International National Association of Roofing Contractors
NCS. National Roofing Union All-Russian public organization
All-Russian public organization
National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials, Products and Structures
Association of Russian Manufacturers of High-Quality Thermal Insulation
Agency for Strategic Initiatives