TECHNONICOL company provides warranty for system solutions, developed by technical specialists and experts on the construction sphere.

Warranty for Roof system, for the term of 15 years is provided on the next conditions:

  • System on a rigid base (screed);
  • A bitumen-polymer material of the TECHNOELAST series was used as a waterproofing material on the roof, fused in two layers;
  • Installation and use of approved configuration in accordance with the requirements of the TECHNONICOL normative documentation;
  • Mandatory control at the stage of roof installation and assessment of the quality of work performed on the object by the TECHNONICOL Quality Service.

Warranty for Waterproofing:

  • TECHNOELAST - the warranty period for waterproofing is 15 years;
  • UNIFLEX - the warranty period for waterproofing is 10 years.

TECHNONICOL Corporation will replace the damaged products and reimburse the cost of replacing them in the event of a violation of the waterproofing of the coating caused by a proven material defect and compliance with all conditions of this Warranty.