Quality assessment

12 Quality criteria for bitumen-polymer material

Material thickness

4 mm and above

The main importance for performing the function of waterproofing the roof and foundation is the thickness of the material, not the mass. Compare thicknesses, but not a mass.

Breaking characteristics of the material

800/600 and higher depending on the purpose
The presence of discontinuous characteristics not only in the longitudinal, but also in the transverse direction indicates that the material is protected from deformation in any direction.

Flexibility and elasticity of the material

-25 ° С on a beam with a radius of 15 mm

Flexibility temperature -25 ° C means that the material can be used in any climatic zone of the Russian Federation. Roofing and waterproofing works can be carried out down to -25 ° C in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The quality of the bitumen-polymer binder

Minimum of 4 points on a 5-point uniformity scale
Three main parameters are responsible for the quality of the bitumen-polymer binder: Homogeneity, adherence to the technological process, and the quality of the modifier. Material resistance to chemically aggressive media

Heat resistance of material

+100 °С

One of the main indicators for roofing materials, because they are directly exposed to the sun. This indicator is especially important at the junctions to vertical surfaces, where the material can slide down under its own weight.

Material resistance to chemically aggressive media

Existence of Conclusion
Both roofing and waterproofing materials should have a conclusion about resistance to chemically aggressive environments, because interaction with solutions of harmful substances occurs both as a result of precipitation and groundwater.

Biostability of the material

Existence of Conclusion
for Material’s Biostability will help to make sure that the material is protected from the negative effects of bacteria and microbes, which means it will last longer than its counterparts.

Protective dressing

Slate, basalt
The presence of durable dressing of the upper layer of roofing materials is one of the factors that determine the service life of the roof. The most durable are shale and basalt dressing.

Material packaging and storage

White sun protection pallet packaging

reducing the likelihood of overheating of the material inside, it helps to maintain the appearance and consumer qualities of the material.


allows to choose any solution for objects without any limitation or reduction in product quality.

Own production

allows you to fully control production processes and control the quality of manufactured products, as well as create convenient logistics for the delivery of products.

Quality service

Convenient service -
it saves time for finding a solution, ordering materials, training and assistance on site, etc.