About production

Plants on the territory of Russia and Europe:
Завод Технониколь

Implementation of High production standards and installation of the most modern equipment in Europe: Boato International (Italy), Eurovek (Slovenia), Selen (Denmark), Bernstorff (Germany).

Each “TECHNONICOL” plant has unique production laboratories, where the quality of input raw materials, inter-operational control and control of finished products is measured.

All “TECHNONICOL” plants are certified with Quality system ISO 9001.

Bitumen-polymer materials production plants are certified for compliance with European standards (CE).

“TECHNOElAST” series:

Waterproofing SBS-modified bitumen-polymer materials. Designed for the installation of roofing carpet and foundation waterproofing.

High flexibility and heat resistance allow the use of materials in all climatic zones of Russia.