TECHNOELASTMOST S is a roll-on waterproofing surfactant bitumen-polymer material. TECHNOELASTMOST S is obtained by double-sided application of a bitumen-polymer binder to a polyester base, consisting of bitumen, APO (alpha polyolefins), a polymer modifier and a mineral filler (talc, dolomite, etc.), followed by application of protective layers on both sides of the canvas. Fine-grained dressing and (or) polymer coatings are used as protective layers


TECHNOELASTMOST S is used for the device of a protective-adhesion layer on a steel orthotropic slab of span structures of bridge structures, as well as for waterproofing a reinforced concrete slab, where an asphalt concrete pavement is laid directly on the waterproofing, including from cast mixtures with a temperature of up to 230 ° C. TECHNOELASTMOST S withstands punching shear tests up to 250 N, has a fixed material thickness.

Class: Premium
Flexibility on the timber: -25 ° С
Warranty certificate
Validity term >60 year
Mass of 1 m2, kg, (± 0.25 kg) 5.5
Thickness, mm, (± 0.1 mm) 5.2
Breaking force in longitudinal / transverse direction, N, not less 1000/900
Binder weight from the side to be welded, kg / m2, not less 2.5
Binder weight from the non-welded side, kg / m2, no more 1
Water absorption for 24 hours,% by weight, no more 1
Brittleness temperature of the binder, ° С, not higher -35
Flexibility temperature on the timber R = 25 mm and R = 10 mm, ° С, not higher –25
Water resistance at a pressure of at least 0.2 MPa for 24 hours absolute
Heat resistance, ° С, not lower 140
Resistance to static punching shear, N, for 24 hours, not less 250
Type of sheeting top sand
bottom film with logo
Length / width, m 8 × 1
Pallet packing shrink bag white with logo