TECHNONICOL quality service

For the convenience of its customers, TECHNONICOL is expanding its technical support service

Customers and contractors who have opted for “TECHNONICOL” company’s bitumen-polymer materials have access to the Quality Service and comprehensive technical support for construction projects.

“TECHNONICOL” company’s quality service - professional team of engineers in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe will help to avoid installation errors and extend the life of roofs.

  • Quality control of work performed by contractors
  • Assessment of object’s state and the behavior of the material during operation
  • Issuance of technical opinions
  • Acceptance of completed works
  • Roof maintenance recommendations
  • Provision of a 15-year guarantee for the roofing system after inspection

Qualified specialists of TECHNONICOL will come to the facilities to ensure high-quality installation and compliance with the necessary recommendations for the use of bitumen-polymer waterproofing materials.

Also, the company's technical specialists are ready to provide professional advice at the stages of construction design, material selection, construction and operation perform calculations on the consumption of materials and prepare recommendations for the conditions of use.

For roofing systems made under the control of the TECHNONICOL Quality Service team, after inspection and acceptance, a warranty certificate is issued for up to 15 years.

For more information about the services provided by the Quality Service, as well as for creating applications, you must send a request to a single service address: ck@tn.ru or contact your regional manager.

TECHNONICOL Quality Service specialists will help to avoid mistakes in the design and manufacture of roofing works, as well as during operation!