One of the main factors affecting the durability of underground and buried parts of buildings and structures is the impact of water. Water penetrating into building structures causes corrosion of reinforcement and destruction of concrete, which worsens the static properties of the structure and, ultimately, leads to its destruction. In addition, water penetrating into the internal premises of the underground part of the structure reduces their operational properties, disrupts the operation of technological equipment, worsens microclimatic conditions in the room, etc.

According to various studies, up to 90% of underground and buried structures have a failure precisely for waterproofing, which occurs at an early stage of operation and contribute to accelerated wear of load-bearing structures.

To reduce the risk of these problems, it is important to choose the right technical solutions for the installation of waterproofing systems that would eliminate water leaks and, as a result, avoid a number of problems and huge costs for waterproofing restoration.

A large selection of waterproofing materials is currently offered. However, choosing the Technoelast series bitumen-polymer membranes, professionals are confident in the reliable quality of materials and their effective work in any conditions. Technoelast EPP material fused in two layers can rightfully be considered a classic solution for the device of durable waterproofing.