New construction and renovation

The main task of the roof is to protect the structure from the penetration of atmospheric precipitation, rain, snow, withstand sudden temperature fluctuations, snow and wind loads, and provide the necessary thermal protection of the building. The roof is designed to provide comfort. The reliability of the roof can only be guaranteed by the use of modern materials and competent installation work. A high-quality roof is a necessary condition for the smooth operation of industrial and civil construction facilities.

The safety and durability of the roof is primarily ensured by the correct maintenance - this is a timely inspection with the identification and elimination of roof defects. This will help to extend the roof overhaul life and significantly reduce the likelihood of leaks. Depending on the service life of the roofing material, over time there is a need for current repairs without replacing or replacing the roof, or performing a major overhaul with a complete replacement of the roofing pie.