Inside storage


Improving the quality of life forces the use of an increasing number of devices and mechanisms. This leads to the inevitable appearance of a large number of noise sources in buildings, both from outside (traffic noise) and from inside the building (noise and stomping from neighbors, creaking and clicks from the operation of the elevator). Household appliances also contribute negatively (hum and vibration from the washing machine, hot tub and shower), heels knocking on the tile floor, playing football in the hallway, a nail being hammered into the wall, objects falling to the floor. These are all sources of impact noise. It is the impact noise that is the most annoying and unpleasant, because. interfloor ceilings do not have an extinguishing capacity for this noise.

The need to combat the noise caused a real "crusade" against it. The noise level restrictions are reflected in the regulatory documents SP 51.13330.2011 and SP 23-103-2003. Strict observance is supported by FZ-384 "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures", one of the main tasks of which is to protect human life and health in buildings and structures.

The Technoelast ACOUSTIC series of materials was specially created by TechnoNICOL to reduce the impact of the negative effects of impact noise and comfortable living in an apartment building.

Floor waterproofing

Many are familiar with the unpleasant situations associated with the gulf of the apartment by the neighbors from above, and the conflicts that follow, high repair bills, wasted nerves - all these are reasons to foresee and implement waterproofing of the bathroom and kitchen. In addition, the number of installed engineering equipment (water filtration systems, floor heating systems) is growing, which also increases the risk of accidental leaks inside buildings.

The Technoelast BARRIER series of materials was developed by TechnoNICOL to protect against leaks from the upper floors. Technoelast BARRIER BO material is designed for laying under a reinforced cement-sand screed, which allows it to be used in almost all industries. TechnoelastBARIER LIGHT material has a special coating, which can be directly applied to ceramic tiles. This allows you to perform work without technological interruptions and to combine adjacent operations into one technological cycle.

The Technoelast barrier series of materials is produced on a self-adhesive basis, which allows laying the material without complicated technological equipment and without the involvement of highly qualified specialists.